Alterlatina provides Suruna OVP

Alterlatina is a Streaming Media company based in Lima, Peru, that offers an Online Video Platform (OVP) called SURUNA, to store Video on Demand and do Live Webcasts from the Internet.

Suruna works integrating Amazon Web Services and Wowza. It also allows to create playlists and use alone or to simulate scheduled TV channels.

The aim is to provide a professional platform, white label, scalable, with customizable player and deep analytics to support video projects as: Media libraries, IPTV, WebTV Channels, e-learning systems, Live Transmission services and safe video distribution.

More information is available at

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CloudDirect reduces Amazon's EC2 data transfer pricing by half

The CloudDirect service gives customers the ability to connect directly to Amazon Web Services through a private network connection.

You can reduce your bandwidth commitment to AWS.
All data transferred over your dedicated connection is charged at the reduced data transfer rate of $0.06 instead of the usual $0.12.

Vidillion connected TV advertising solution

Our long time partner - Vidillion - provides a connected TV advertising solution for video service providers, that maximizes their inventory revenue.

WMSPanel team provides Wowza administration services

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